Monday, March 11, 2013

Top o' the Hill to ye! Steak tips, frizzled onions and kelp slaw

  Tender, tasty, off-the-stick sirloin tips, teriyaki style.  Beef from Alan Fredrickson's 'Top of the Hill Farm', Wolfeboro, NH.  Teriyaki sauce is, um, my 1-of-5 nonlocal vices (soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil...).  
Beef.  Beef, beef, beef, beef, beef.  My sister and I begged like dogs...tongues out, hands and knees, forearms pulled in with bent wrists-begged like dogs...for the pan drippings of my mother's Sunday roast when we were kids.  Salty, savory, meaty pan drippings....  To think that some people wash it all down the drain.  They should be prosecuted.