Thursday, July 21, 2011

Refreshing Cold Summer Soup

Cold is key!
Cucumber, local asparagus (!), parsley and dill joined forces with a handful of raw cashews, a pint of Brookford Farm's yogurt and a pint of homemade chicken stock (or use veg stock) for this deliciously refreshing and satisfying cold soup.

Process your veg, nuts and herbs with a couple cloves of pressed garlic and a small amount of canola oil until the consistency of pesto.  Add the yogurt and whir for a few more seconds.  Add to a large bowl, whisk in cold chicken stock until well blended.  Drop in a handful of ice cubes to really speed up the chilling process.  Garnish with tips of asparagus, or crushed nuts, or 1/2 moons of thinly sliced cucumber, or sprigs of herbs!

Nothing beats cold soup when it's NINETY-FOUR degrees outside at dinnertime!

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